Grab Bag Sampler Platinum - 10 Pack

Grab Bag Sampler Platinum - 10 Pack

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Grab Bag Sampler Platinum - 10 Pack
(Cigars range from $8 - $16 retail on average)
This is an amazing deal!! While doing inventory check of our humidor we uncovered mixed open boxes with only few cigars after making 5 packs or when we sell them by the stick. So basically, they are taking up more room than we can afford so we decided to clear them out by offering grab bags as we mix and match brands. Many of the brands have been well aged and sell for double or more each!! I have been smoking these and they are GREAT! We decided to package these in mixed 10 packs for well below retail, you help us, and we save you $$, a win-win in our book. Brands change all the time, so here's your chance to grab some great steals for those who are looking for good bargain smokes, good while supplies last!
Each 10-Pack comes with Humi-Pak humidification Pack

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings)
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Worth it
Written by Ronald Abreu rodriguez on Jun 11th 2024

This was a good experience. It was exactly what I was expecting and fearing. I expected good quality cigars with good construction and great flavor. I feared the unknown. Brands like Cain that I’ve only heard of, Rey I believe was another one. though I never heard of it rey was actually a relatively small cigar that smoked amazing. It lasted a long time, had amazing flavor, and was just impressive. Other than ethat you had some nuns which Ofcourse goo and some others. If you have been stuck in a loop of the same again and again try it. There are some cigars that you simply won’t like, then there are also others that you’ll fall in love with.

Good mix
Written by Steve on May 29th 2024

From "classics" to populars, not bad. Its a deal for the price.

Grab bag
Written by Tyler on Feb 16th 2024

My bag of 10 was amazing! Will definitely be buying more grab bags!! Loved every single one.

Platinum Grab Bag
Written by Gregorian Perry on Jan 14th 2024

First time Grabbing one. Lol. The Selection was pretty good. I might grab another. Can not beat it for the value of the Stogies you get.

Very Impressed!
Written by Nick on May 27th 2023

You never know what you're going to get with something like this. That's part of the allure, and part of the risk. I must say, I'm very happy with both the quality and variety of the sticks. They're not all tiny short guys, or huge honkers. Some are it excellent provenance, others are new to me. I will definitely plan on grabbing one of these with any order I make.

Great deal
Written by Andrew on Dec 2nd 2022

I am on my 3rd bag and each one has been wonderful. Has turned me on to many cigars that I thought I wouldn't like. AMAZING bang for the buck. Keep it up guys.

Good deal
Written by Chris on Nov 2nd 2022

Here's what I got in mine: Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real (Toro) J. Fuego Sangre de Toro (Toro) Kristoff Ligero Maduro (Gordo) Nub Habano (460) Manuel Alonso 1867 (Toro) Montecristo (Robusto) 601 Blue Label Maduro (Toro) Gurkha Seduction (Toro) Alec & Bradley Nico Puro (Robusto) Cain Daytona (Robusto) These are all new to me and a couple of them I had already been wanting to try. Looking forward to going through them all.

Platinum grab bag
Written by Robert on Oct 31st 2022

I was very impressed with the cigars I received. Well worth the money!

Grab bag
Written by Dale on Jun 30th 2022

I took a shot,this was a great choice. This sampler is worth the price.

Love the Platinum Grab Bags
Written by Mike Kneffel on Jun 14th 2022

The Atlantic staff does a great job of selecting premium cigars for the Grab bag that I would have never tried. Used to buy from the Sampler section (and still do on occasion) but now all my orders include a Grab Bag.

Amazing selection and awesome value
Written by Marco on Jan 17th 2022

Ordered this as my first order with Atlantic cigars. Received fast, selection was awesome and very diversified selection ! The condition of the cigars and packing was perfect !!

Love the Platinum Grab Bags
Written by Mike on Dec 22nd 2021

Gives me an opportunity to try cigars I never would have bought. I'm now buying boxes of one of the cigars I was introduced to in a Grab Bag: Matilde Serena Robusto. Had my first Alec Bradley The Lineage Robusto last night (came in a Grab Bag) and will be buying more of that one. Great way to sample different brands.

Cost vs. Yum and this is a winner
Written by Josh Ward on Jun 24th 2021

I enjoyed each stick and given the price I was impressed.

Platinum pack
Written by John on May 29th 2021

Great deal amazing variety of wrappers had Connecticut to Maduro and everything in between

First order
Written by Pam on May 28th 2021

This was my first order but won’t be my last! High quality samples in my bag. Very pleased with selection. Will order again!

Great grab bag
Written by Zachary McCrea on Apr 12th 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed my selection from this grab bag, got some things I've wanted to try for a while and some things I didn't even know about, excited to try every single one. First off this is just amazing value. My cigars came in the mail quickly and were packaged very well, and best of all were way cheaper than my local B&M here in Canada! I hope Atlantic starts shipping to Canada again soon!

Great buy
Written by Tim F. on Jan 4th 2021

I've never been let down but these grab bags. First off, they are a great value. You get some really top notch cigars (usually 2-4) that are worth the bag by themselves, and the rest are usually just a bonus. It's a great way to explore new sticks. The only down side (if you can even call it that) is if you buy 2 at the same time, you may get a few repeats, but they are all good smokes. Well worth it.

Grab bag review
Written by Craig Shaw on Oct 10th 2020

Awesome purchase!!!! Once again Atlantic is top notch. Not a single dud in the bag. All in great shape and all top shelf sticks. If you haven’t tried a grab bag you should definitely give yourself a treat. This is my 2nd one and they’ve both been amazing

If you didn't
Written by Bryan Gamache on Mar 23rd 2020

Purchase one of these, your missing out. Seriously this grab bag came today and I'll tell you the cigars it contained surprised me. I checked all of them, looked up a couple I was unfamiliar with and am going to put them in the humidor for a bit. Great condition, good cigars and once again Atlantic Cigars delivers.

Great deal!
Written by Mark Eastin on Jan 28th 2020

Not a dud in the bunch. All top shelf cigars!

Good quality cigars
Written by Weigner Thrane on Jun 29th 2019

Excellent deal

Written by Didier Vacher on Feb 7th 2019

Again a very good deal !!!!! I highly recommend to buy one of these Grab Bags....

grab bag
Written by Didier Vacher on Jun 10th 2018

Excellent choice if you are looking for 10 wonderful cigars for a very small price !!! Thank you !

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