Real Time Inventory

With the launch of our new site Atlantic Cigar has switched to Real Time Inventory.  We did this for a variety of reasons, but mainly to show the customers what’s in stock and available for purchase right away. Some products are still available for Backorder, but unlike the past, not all products are available. We have built a Notification system in for items that are Out of Stock, or on Backorder. If you choose the “Notify” Button, you will be asked for your name and email. As soon as these items come into the warehouse, you will receive an email with a link to the item. You can also call us when you receive the notification to order the item.

Each Product have Stock Status associated with it, they are listed here:

In Stock In our warehouse and ready for shipping today
In Stock, Dropship This is a dropship item. We only dropship a small amount of our inventory. If you order a dropship item, we will contact you to let you know how long it will take to get to you. Most orders will be within 1 – 2 weeks.
*Backordered- Less Than a Week The product is on Backorder. We expect to receive this item within a week in our warehouse. Backorders are filled as the product arrives. More details on our Backorder policies are in the next section.
*Backordered – 1 to 2 Weeks The product is on Backorder. We expect to receive this product in our warehouse within 1 to 2 weeks.
Out of Stock – No Backorders This item is Out of Stock and we are not currently taking backorders for it. You can choose to be Notified when it comes in.

*Please note – The Backorder times are estimates. Due to the nature of our industry and the manufacturing process, we are making our best guess on how long, on an average it takes to receive a product. Some manufacturers may hold a product on backorder for an undetermined amount of time due to unknown reasons.

Again due to the nature of our business, keeping Real Time Inventory can be very difficult. With many items on Backorder with the Manufacturer,  customer’s on Backorder in the system, we would like to say that we are close to 95% correct when we give an inventory status.


Although we are using a Real Time Inventory system, some of the items on the site are still available for Backorder. If an item is available for Backorder, you will be able to place it in your cart, and the item will show an an estimate of when we will have it back in stock (1 - 2 Weeks, Less Than a Week, etc). Just like any of our other inventory systems, we fill backorders in the order that they are received.

When you place an order, we will ship any items that we have in stock immediately. If your order contains a Backordered item, we will ship it out as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. Because of our real-time inventory system, it is our policy *not to "hold" orders, item's will go out as they are available. You will not be charged any additional shipping fee, however a $2.95 Handling Fee will be charged per backordered item. If you need us to hold your order until all of your items are available, please call (800) 887-7877 or email us.

Please note: ALL International Backorders will be held until they can be completely filled.

Most Out of Stock items arrive back in our warehouse within a week, sometimes longer depending on the manufacturor. Instead of placing Backorders, we recommend putting yourself on the Notification List for the product you want to purchase. When that product comes into the warehouse, you will recieve an E-mail the same day.

*For customers using Debit Cards for Backordered Items. Please make sure that you balance your checking account taking into account the purchase price for the Backordered Items. We do not bill your card until your order ships. Therefore if your backordered item is marked for fulfilment and you do not have the funds available, the purchase will overdraft your bank account.

Product Notification

Atlantic has built a Notification system into our website for items that are out of stock. If an item sells out on our website, you will see an orange "Notify" button appear. If you click this button, you will be asked for your name and your Email. *Atlantic Cigar Co will never use this information for anything beyond Notification purposes. As soon as the item comes into our warehouse, you will receive an Email with a link to purchase this product. Once again items are on a first come, first serve basis. To ensure you will get a chance to purchase this product while it's in stock, we recommend you put your order in as soon as you can. We recommend that you use Product Notification over Backordering, that way you can avoid the Backorder Fees.

International Ordering welcomes Canadian, International and APO/FPO (Military) orders as well. Due to the complexities involved with International orders, such as customs clearance and local carrier procedures, the following policies and requirements will be applied to international orders:

Please allow at least 24-72 hours to process International orders. For all first time orders we will charge your credit card an undisclosed non-refundable amount under $2 US. Before we can process your order you need to call your bank or review your statement to identify the amount you were billed. Once you have the amount, Email us with that information and we will contact you with your order confirmation.

This is a one time process. Once you verify the amount you will not have to do it again. We reserve the right to open and inspected items for freshness and defects prior to shipping. Buyers are responsible for complying with their countries local and federal tobacco laws and fees associated with their orders, however we can ship as instructed as long as the customer assumes all risks. We mark all customs forms as "Gift" and we send "person" to "person". There is no indication of cigars on the packages. However, we will not be responsible for the package if stopped by customs. If customs stops the package you may refuse it and have it re-delivered back to us. You must notify us that the package is being returned. You then have the option of us re-shipping the package or we can issue a credit for the amount of the product only. NOT shipping cost. You will be responsible for any additional shipping charges if you decide to have it re-shipped.

Return Policy

Atlantic Cigar Company offers it's customers a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction with all orders.

Directions for Returns: Please call our Customer Service Department (800) 887-7877 or (610) 200-0341 to initiate a return. You will be given an RMA number for your return when you speak to customer service.  Please make sure to mark the outside of the package with the RMA #.

Please Note: You must speak to Customer Service to get an RMA Number. Do not ship merchandise to us without an RMA number and without speaking to a representitive first.

Non-Tobacco Products: If you are not 100% satisfied with any non-tobacco product that you purchase from you may return it in it's original condition within 30 days of purchase for full credit or refund.

Tobacco Products: If you receive your order and you items in your package are damaged, we will replace the items and pay for all shipping costs.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any cigars that you purchase from, you may return them within 14 days for a full credit of full refund for the amount of cigars returned, minus shipping costs. We will only accept cigar returns with the original cellophane wrapper intact. Please do not send us cut, lit, or broken cigars.