AQUA by Equus Cigar Humidifier AE-100

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AQUA by Equus Cigar Humidifier AE-100

Cigar accessories designed by cigar smokers for cigar smokers. Most cigar accessories spend on marketing and packaging, instead of focusing on truly making a fine cigar accessories though quality craftsmanship. Equus Premium Cigar Accessory Co. manufacturers high-quality cigar accessories at affordable prices by controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process. Using the latest manufacturing technologies along with the finest materials, each Equus accessory will perform, last and delivery the way smoking accessories should, at an affordable price.

The Cigar Humidifier for cabinets & lockers AE-100 is a high-performance humidification system that's ideal for humidor cabinets and lockers that hold a lot of cigars. With a strong motor operating at 60 Hz, and 2 powerful fans that work simultaneously to uniformly circulate humidified air, the AE-100, is the perfect fit to keep your cigars fresh for a long time. The humidifier is also relatively easy to set up. All you have to do is fill up the reservoir through the water inlets, and plug it in. A water level indicator makes the process even more user-friendly.

AE-100 uses cutting-edge technology to give the finest humidity for cigars and provides very precise humidity management; simply adjust the relative humidity level according to the surrounding environment on the controller, and the humidifier will take care of the rest. The wet film allows for an even distribution of vapors. With 13.87'' 8.07'' 8'' in dimensions it easily fits large cabinets and lockers. The humidifier also has a sufficient water tank capacity and can be filled manually. The auto-fill version makes the task even easier by eliminating the usage of buckets to fill up the tank.

Industrial-Grade fan: With a strong built-in fan providing top-notch ventilation, the AE-100 works better than many of its market competitors. The powerful fan evenly distributes moisture throughout the humidor balancing the airflow. Working hand-in-hand with a strong motor, the fan helps prevent overheating of the system.

A 304 Stainless-Steel Body: The moist conditions in which humidifiers operate make them susceptible to rust and corrosion. Therefore, it is integral for a humidifier to have a stainless-steel body. The AE-100 features a 304-stainless steel body providing it with high corrosion resistance. Most oxidizing acids will not cause 304 to corrode. Because of its durability, 304 is easy to clean and sanitize, making it perfect for many types of appliances especially humidifiers to keep your cigars fresh.

Easy to Install: The AE-100 is the ideal fit for your cabinets owing to its size and dimensions. The easy installation means anyone can use it eliminating the need for professionals to handle the task. All you have to do is place it on a flat surface, preferably on the ground, manually fill up the reservoir using the water inlet, plug it in and you are good to go.

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