Cigar Oasis Ultra Refill Cartridge

Cigar Oasis Ultra Refill Cartridge

Cigar Oasis
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Cigar Oasis brand humidification accessories are perfect for the cigar smoker who is tired of constantly monitoring his humidor's humidification levels. Made in different sizes for a variety of humidors (some made to attach to a desktop humidor's lid, others are large enough for cabinet humidors), the Cigar Oasis automated humidification system run by microprocessor technology is guaranteed to perfectly regulate your humidor's conditions. As simple as filling the reservoir, placing the Cigar Oasis into your humidor, and choosing your desired humidity level, these systems run on either battery power or can be plugged into a wall outlet. They constantly measure your humidor's levels and when the humidity dips below your desired setting, the Cigar Oasis releases just enough moisture, which it then distributes with a built in fan, to keep your humidor perfect for your favorite cigars. Never worry about dry sticks again. Invest in a Cigar Oasis automated humidification system.

Replacement water cartridge for the Cigar Oasis ULTRA 2.0. Contains foam element that needs to be filled with Propylene Glycol 50/50 solution. Replace your water cartridges approximately every 9 - 12 months.

Note: New Ultra Refill Cartridges Works with Old Models.

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