How to Choose the Best Premium Cigars

Many cigar enthusiasts want the same thing - the finest premium cigars at reasonable prices. By achieving this satisfaction, you can enjoy your smoking hobby and everything that comes with it.

Having been in the cigar industry for over 25 years, we've learned that there are ways for cigar lovers to make the most of their purchases.

There's a reason why finding the perfect cigar could prove to be quite tricky - there are many options! But don't worry, we're here to help simplify your search.

If you are wondering how to pick cigars that are worth your time, this article gives helpful pointers in discovering the best premium quality cigars at the right price.

Try Popular Cigar Brands

Atlantic Cigar best selling cigar choices

When you're searching for a new premium cigar brand to try, looking at their most popular products is a great way to start.

Popular premium cigars are popular for a reason. They have risen to popularity as a trusted brand with a solid reputation.

Many shops where you can  buy cigars online have a filter to sort by best-selling.

Be sure to read through the product specifications and the overview. If it sounds like something you'd enjoy, give it a try. That way, you can get a feel for the brand and the unique taste profile.

You might not have the same taste in tobacco as others, but browsing the most popular cigars is a useful way to help you choose a new premium cigar brand.

Sign Up for Cigar Newsletters

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Signing up for email newsletters from cigar stores provides you with notifications about upcoming discounts, promotions, and more.

Newsletters conveniently deliver a steady supply of useful information right to your inbox to aid you in your search for premium cigars.

It is important to stay up-to-date on all the latest releases to always be aware of new products that might catch your eye. This is also an excellent way to be informed about upcoming limited-time sales, such as those at Atlantic Cigar.

Through our online cigar shop, we often offer exceptional deals on an assortment of premium cigars. You can sign up for our newsletter at our Atlantic Cigar Newsletter page.

Companies that review cigars also offer free newsletters where you can find cigar tasting notes and ratings from reputable critics. A fresh perspective might be just what you need to take your taste profile to new levels. Cigar Aficionado's Cigar Watch is a perfect example.

If you're looking for new products and discounts on a variety of premium cigars but don't want to spend hours searching online cigar stores, it's worth considering signing up for a newsletter like ours. You might just pick a cigar you absolutely love!

Try Cigar Shop Recommendations

Atlantic Cigar staff picks examples

Cigar shops are experts on all things cigars. Recommendations from premium cigar stores can guide you in choosing the ideal cigars that fit your needs.

At Atlantic Cigar Co, we take exceptional pride in helping our customers with our recommendations and the best cigar prices.

Our suggestions have proven to be beneficial for those who need a break from their usual cigars or are looking to expand their taste preferences.

You can find some of our recommendations in staff picks, where our staff hand-picks great value premium cigars that are our personal favorites.

Annual Top Cigar Selections

Different colored cigars lined up on a table

We also release our top cigars of the year annually from the finest brands. Our most recent top cigars of 2021 showcased several of the best cigars in the world for the year.

We highlight the top cigars each year to help you with your cigar selection.

And there's no reason our picks from past years aren't still good. Check out our other top cigar choices from other years.

The premium cigar industry is continuously growing and cigar shop recommendations are a practical way to keep things exciting. You'll always know what's new in the cigar world and be the top cigar aficionado in town with the assistance of some helpful resources!

Save with Cigar Bundles and Experiment with Cigar Samplers

Bundle of cigars in a humidor

Cigar prices are among the most important factors in buying premium cigars for sale for many cigar smokers. You can find some of your favorite cigar brands online at the lowest prices by purchasing cigar bundles.

The bundles are incredible if you enjoy a particular premium cigar brand and want to buy in bulk at a discount.

Cigar enthusiasts also have the option of cigar samplers that'll excite your taste buds, thrill your senses, and satisfy even the most selective of smokers out there. With each sampler, you'll get a selection of premium cigars worldwide in varying shapes, sizes, brands, and more.

For example, the CAO Champion Sampler III is one of our best-selling cigar samplers, offering ten high-quality cigars from Nicaragua.

CAO Champion cigar sample pack

Discover which smoke takes your palate to new levels and enjoy the perfect balance between quality, variety, and affordability when purchasing a sampler pack.

Local Cigar Lounges

Bar and seating area in the Atlantic Cigar Conshohocken PA lounge

Lastly, and maybe our favorite way to find the best premium cigars for sale is by asking the cigar aficionado community. And, there's no better place to do that than at your local cigar lounge.

A lot of what we love about discovering new cigars are the stories that come with them. The vacation a buddy took, where he found the most delicious hand-rolls. Or the early release that a member got their hands on and decided to share at the lounge.

But what so many of our members at our in-person cigar lounges love most is hanging out with a great group of people. Members at our lounges are always telling everyone about their latest cigar finds, trading their favorite selections and enjoying the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Here is a full list of our lounges:

Embrace the Journey

Whether you're up for trying new premium cigar brands or looking to score some sweet deals on old favorites, you can use this guide to find great-value cigars to add to your humidor. These strategies will make your search easier while saving you time and money. Discover what works best and may you choose a fantastic cigar!