Atlantic Cigar 7x70 7-Pack

Atlantic Cigar 7x70 7-Pack

Atlantic Cigar
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Looking to kill a few hours? Well then you just hit the jackpot. We have put together one behemoth of an assortment. This seven pack of 7x70’s is big on flavor and size but easy on the wallet. What a great way to try some of the largest cigars on the market but at the lowest price. As with all our samplers, no backorders! When they’re gone, they’re gone!


1- Alec Bradley Texas Lancero 7x70 (7x70) $8.00

1- CAO Flathead 770 Big Block (7x70) $10.24

1- E.P. Carrillo Inch No. 70 Maduro (7x70) $13.35

1- Gran Habano Corojo #5 Grandioso (7x70) $9.70

1- JFR Cigars 770 Corojo (7x70) $7.80

1- Kristoff Kristania Maduro 7x70 (7x70) $9.18

1- Room 101 The Big Payback Connecticut 70/7 (7x70) $7.90


MSRP $66.17 Sale Price $39.95

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